Why you should store your boat in a professional facility

Why you should store your boat in a professional facility

When choosing a place to store your boat for the winter, not just any empty space will do. Being stored in the wrong area can damage boats — especially those made from wood. The best option to ensure the longevity and functionally of your boat is to ensure it is stored in a facility that specializes in boat care. That way, the staff is keeping an eye on your boat and the facility constantly.

Heated storage areas are very hard on wood boats. While temperature does not matter as much with fiberglass or metal boats, changes in temperature or long-term exposure to extremes could cause a wood boat to dry out, as heated areas generally have low humidity. It is important to make sure the boat is stored in a safe, dry area that does not become too hot.

While we do not recommend storing the boat in a freezing location, we also strongly recommend you do not store a wood boat in a heated location, as these can be very hard on boats made of wood.

The Coeur Custom storage facility is top of the line — and competitively priced to ensure you’re in safe hands this winter.

While you’re storing your boat with us, ask about any routine maintenance you need done. We can take care of it during the winter, so when spring comes, you’re ready to hit the water.

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