Top three tips to prepare your boat for winter storage

Top three tips to prepare your boat for winter storage

The days are at their shortest and boats have officially been pulled out of the lake — it’s winter in North Idaho.

But that doesn’t mean that your duties as a boat owner are done. Some of the most important duties for boat owners come before you forget about your vessel for the winter. To ensure a boat runs well for years to come, proper winter storage is key.

Here are our top three tips for boat owners who are looking to store their boat for the winter:

  1. Clean excessive water or fluids

    When putting a boat in storage for winter months, make sure all areas that hold water, such as the bilge, are clean and dry. Water left in the bilge can spur the growth of mold in the wood or tanks. While mold can be treated, it can be expensive and damaging. Instead, prevent this problem completely.

  2. Find the right space

    Find a space for storage that is clean, dry and the proper temperature. Temperature is less important for fiberglass or metal boats, changes in temperature or long-term exposure to extremes could cause a wood boat to dry out.

  3. Talk to a professional

    For years, the Coeur Custom has been the number one place for boat owners in Coeur d’Alene and Spokane to store their vessels. With a clean, dry facility and professionals on hand year-round, our staff is sure to keep your boat in top condition.

If you’re looking for advice on boat storage or just the best place to store your boat in north Idaho, contact us today.