Tips For Driving With A Boat Trailer

Tips For Driving With A Boat Trailer

For first-time trailer drivers or those who haven’t been towing anything for a while, it can be a learning curve to remember the subtleties of towing something behind your vehicle. When you’re driving to any one of North Idaho’s beautiful lakes this summer, remember some of our quick tips to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Check The Trailer Lights

When you hook your trailer to your vehicle, remember to check your brake lights and turn signals. Have a friend or family member stand behind the trailer as the driver brakes and uses both turn signals to check functionality. Remember, it is illegal to go without proper signals.

Know The Difference

Driving while towing a heavy object will be different on your car. It will take longer to accelerate and brake, and turns will need to be wider and more thought out. Keep this in mind while you’re driving! If you’re uncomfortable or new to towing, try to take lesser-known roads or stick to easy routes until you’re comfortable driving on highways or other high-traffic areas.

Double And Triple Check

Always double and triple check that the boat is secured properly to the trailer, and the trailer is secured to the vehicle. Have another friend or family member look over your work to ensure nothing is left loose or undone.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to regularly maintaining your boat make sure your trailer is maintained.

For questions, or for trailer maintenance, contact the professionals with Coeur Custom today.