Take care of your boat’s exterior and finish

Take care of your boat’s exterior and finish

Everyone here at the Coeur Custom is itching for summer. Between the mild northwest winter this past year and the beautiful sunshine we’ve had lately, we’re all ready to get out on the water. Are you the same way? Are you just waiting for that perfect day to pull the boat out of storage and hit the water?

Sadly, it’s not that easy, and if you want to be out on the water next month, now is the time to commission your boat for the summer season.

Each year, boats need a bit of routine maintenance, such as fluid changes, to make sure they continue to run like clockwork. That’s what the staff at Coeur Custom is here for! While you need to make sure the engine is running smooth, you’ll also need to touch up the exterior of the boat. One of the main aspects of maintenance every boat-owner should have done each year is buffing and waxing the exterior finish before launching for the season. Our staff specializes in gel coat finishes, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality service each time.

If this routine maintenance is not done annual, UV rays and exposure to sunlight over long periods of time can dull the finish on your boat, and then the only solution is to have the gel coat completely redone, costing you valuable time and money. A yearly buff and wax is the best way to protect your craft. It is a simple procedure, and our staff can take care of the job quickly and efficiently while we’re commissioning your boat for summer.

Coeur Custom offers a complete detail shop that can take care of any exterior work. Contact us today to set up your appointment to update your gel coat, and get your boat ready for summer.