How our custom wood boat building process works

How our custom wood boat building process works

Our process begins with a conversation with the owner-to-be so we can be on the same page about your vision. What is it that you’d like to create? What are you looking for in a custom built wood boat — speed, style, comfort, space, or a little bit of everything?

After we understand what you’d like to build and what your vision is, our in-house design and engineering team builds a virtual model of your boat, using Rhino 3D modeling software. We create a boat that looks incredible from every single direction, inside and out, for you to approve. See something you like and want more of or an aspect you’d like to tweak? We can do that.

Coeur Custom are meticulously planned to maximize use of the powertrain, which gives them superb performance for years to come. Our designs have a shape and balance that releases the hull sooner from the water, which gives you handling, performance, efficiency and a better ride.

Our boats are built from your vision, with our years of knowledge and expertise.

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