Exterior boat care and maintenance

Exterior boat care and maintenance

In addition to maintaining your boat’s engine, the exterior also needs attention. Spring is the perfect time for yearly touch-ups that will keep your boat looking clean and sleek.

The exteriors of boats need to be buffed and waxed every year, and without an annual update, the color and paint will begin to fade, which is difficult to fix.

Your boat has an exterior finish, often a gel coat, on the outside surfaces that repel water and keep the outer surface looking smooth. However, from time to time, this can be chipped or scratched. The most common gel coat damage is caused by inexperienced docking or trailering of boats.

Unfortunately, even the most trained boaters have accidents from time to time, making yearly exterior touch-ups a must. When accidents happen, they need to be tended to as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Because of the delicate nature of the finishes, professional help is always required. Make sure that when we’re commissioning your boat for summer, that you also let us take care of your yearly gel coat or paint update.