What Is The Best Wood For Building A Wood Boat?

What Is The Best Wood For Building A Wood Boat?

Building a wooden boat is a challenging but rewarding experience. It’s important to use the right type of wood if you want your boat to be both sturdy and beautiful. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of wood that are best suited for boatbuilding, as well as the pros and cons of each one. We’ll also provide some tips on how to select the right type of wood for your project. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been building boats for years, this post is for you!

The Basics

To start off, the wood you use is going to heavily depend on what kind of boat you’re building. If you’re building a small DIY boat, you can start with the basics like plywood. However, this article is going to focus on bigger builds and sturdy boats.

A lot of builders prefer Mahogany and for good reason. However, we’re going to break down the main woods used for boats and their different pros and cons.


Cedarwood is a great choice for boat building and has a few unique features.

It contains natural chemicals that prevent rot, repel insects, and contain anti-weed properties. Cedar typically has a tight grain, making it easier to work with than other woods. There are different types of cedar as well, Red, Yellow, and Lebanon. Yellow is generally the sturdiest and most rot-resistant of the 3 types.

This wood requires a lot more maintenance when compared to others, can fade into a light-grey color over the years, is expensive because of its durability, and is more toxic than others.


Ashwood is another great option for a boat

It has pretty good rot resistance and tends to bend and shape better than other woods, allowing for more creativity and rounded shapes in your build. Its strength-to-weight ratio also makes it an attractive option.

One big downside is that it can quickly lose its color to the sunlight and cause fading.

Teak Wood

Teak wood is generally known as one of the best boat building materials.

It is put through stress tests and abuse, so it can naturally bend and be played with a little bit. Teak wood is a very dense, hard, and strong wood that also contains natural chemicals that prevent rotting. It can be considered a bit more durable and water-resistant than similar woods like Mahogany.

A few drawbacks to keep in mind are the price. It’s quite expensive and hard to find in large sizes. It’s also very hard and requires much more maintenance. It requires close attention and maintenance to keep its integrity and look.


Mahogany is another one of the most popular boat building materials and for good reason.

This wood is naturally dense and extremely durable with a long lifespan. It also has a high resistance to rot and decay. It’s easy to work with both in-hand and in a machine, along with being much more available and having all-purpose uses.

However, it is a heavier wood. Color can fade and become darker over time with continuous exposure to sunlight. Higher prices and consistent maintenance needs can also be a drawback.

So, which is right for you?

It really depends on what you need and want out of your boat. All of these woods have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Consider your budget, the size of your build, how long you want it to last, and the look you’re going for. With all of that in mind, you should be able to decide which wood is right for your project!

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