3 easy ways to extend your boat’s battery life

3 easy ways to extend your boat’s battery life

Many people wonder what the easiest way is to extend the life of a battery for a boat. Simple battery maintenance can extend battery life and save money on replacement batteries. Here are three easy ways to extend the life of your battery:

  1. Store your boat’s battery properly

    As people begin to commission their boats for spring, think about how you store your boat — and your battery — during the winter. Make sure the battery is in a cool, dry place, and kept above freezing temperatures. If your boat is not stored in a heater area, consider removing the battery and keeping in a heated space until spring.

  2. Conduct regular checkups

    Make sure batteries are charges regularly; leaving them in a discharged state can reduce the capacity and lessen the lifetime. Regularly check the terminal connectors to avoid loss of conductivity. In addition, check the fluid levels and add distilled water to flooded lead-acid batteries when needed.

  3. Know regular battery upkeep

    When replacing batteries, replace the entire set. Not only does it make it easier to monitor the battery performance, but mixing old batteries with new could bring the new batteries down to the deteriorated state.

When you’re getting ready to commission your boat for summer, have the team check the batteries and make any upkeep recommendations.

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