Design process – OLD

It starts with you

Your vision

This is where the journey begins. We want to bring your vision to life. We’ll collaborate with you to help you define your vision and give it shape, understand how you want to use your boat and how involved you want to be in the process.

Many methods are utilized in the design process to share the thoughts, shapes, and sizes as the design is developed. We will often hand sketch ideas, draw thoughts with 3-D modeling, or build full-size mock-ups of potential parts or areas of the boats. This process and the discussions that come from them provide invaluable insight into getting your vision perfectly defined.

Meet our team

Bo Zolland - designer

World-class designs

Bo Zolland, the founder of Zolland Design,  is based in Sweden and has been working with Coeur Customs for years on creating gorgeous illustrations and 3D images of new boat designs. He has been honing his craft for more than 16 years and has helped on several of Coeur Customs legendary builds. With an eye for proportions, flow and lines serve as the main goal for the boat design.

He has been drawing boats since he was a young child, and when he finally got into 3D in 2002 he started doing it professionally. He enjoys designing boats, cars and graphic designs to customers around the globe. In his career, he has worked on fiberglass, wood and electrical boats, as well as graphics, re-designs, and facelifts on some boats.

Jerry Gilbreath - engineering

Visionary engineering

Jerry Gilbreath made a career out of designing, building, and racing speedboats that were faster than some supercars. Gilbreath, who was VP at Fountain Powerboats for five years and a consultant for Mercury for 25 years, now serves as an engineering consultant for Coeur Customs.

He is the owner and designer of Jefe, one of Coeur Customs most famous works. A nine-time world racing/offshore champion, holder of more than 25 speed records and a frequent driver over the 200-mph barrier, Gilbreath is an asset to the Coeur Customs team in creating works of art that offer both power and performance in a gentleman’s runabout. He assists in ensuring proper weight, balance, power options, and performance requirements on Coeur Customs builds.

Jim Brown - master builder

Nautical enigmatologist

Jim Brown has been honing his craft in building wood boats for more than 27 years; working on hundreds of boats in that time span including the legendary Sizzler and Jefe. But his love of the lake and love of wooden boats has been a lifelong affair. Before coming to Coeur Customs, he spent time under the mentorship of some of the best in the business.

In his role as master builder, Jim is responsible for mapping out each build to the smallest detail and making it will work and understanding how it needs to get built. He works with the customers throughout the process and is responsible for procuring all of the highest quality materials and resources to craft each work of art.

Passion, precision & performance

View our current Coeur Custom models that can be completely customized to your desires or use them as inspiration for something completely new and original.