Coeur Custom, Pure 340, Custom Wood Boat

PURE satisfaction

Building a flawless legacy launch At first light on flat water, a boat flies into the sunrise, chased by its darker reflection. Light dazzles the hull and the wake flies off clean and true. She splits water and sky as a bolt of destiny, a delirium of pleasure, turning the head and stirring the heart….

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Put your trust in Coeur Custom for all your wood boat needs

Trust Coeur Custom With All Your Wood Boat Needs

Thanks to years of experience, and a passion for wood boats, Coeur Custom have been turning heads and making a statement for many years. We are one of the top custom builders and restoration shop in the area, a spot that we have worked hard to earn and maintain. Each member of our team of…

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Cd'A Magazine: Ship of Dreams - Sizzler

Cd’A Magazine: Ship of Dreams

Show-Stealer The Coeur d’Alene Wooden Boat Festival brings a wealth of intriguing craft to Lake Coeur d’Alene every summer, from antique beauties to modern builds. Boat lovers stroll the docks admiring their favorites, appreciating the look and feel of well-crafted wood. Last summer’s show-stealer literally towered over the rest of the fleet. Her gleaming finish,…

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Yacht World: Sizzler, Idaho's Hot Rod

Yacht World: Sizzler, the Idaho Hot Rod

In a distant corner of North America, in Kootenai County, Idaho, is a clear glacial lake, wedged between mountain ranges of ponderosa pine and the western sky. Lake Coeur d’Alene, at 700m elevation, is rimmed by massive trees and rock. It’s hundreds of miles from the Pacific. And its home to one of the most…

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Robb Report: Lone Wolf - Sizzler

Robb Report: Lone Wolf

A lifelong Coeur d’Alene resident builds a one-of-a-kind sailboat for his favorite lake. EVERY SUMMER evening, just after the sun sets over Coeur d’Alene Lake in northern Idaho, the Wolf Lodge Express gathers steam in an eastern bay and hurtles west across the 50-square-mile body of water. The express – a land breeze that forms…

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Sailing Magazine: Mountaintop Thoroughbred

Sailing Magazine: Mountaintop Thoroughbred

In a distant corner of North America, in Kootenai County, Idaho, is a clear glacial lake, wedged between mountain ranges of ponderosa time and the western sky and home to one of the most sophisticated performance daysailers ever built. Just launched, the Tony Castro-designed Sizzler is a 60-foot, flush-deck speedster, a blend of cold-molded carbon…

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Cd'A Magazine: His and Hers

Cd’A Magazine: His and Hers, When Muscle and Soul Collide

At the helm is Jerry Gilbreath, a legend in the world of boats. Typically, with this guy at the controls, one might want to hang on tight. After all, in his career as a champion offshore powerboat racer, he was known as one of the fastest throttlemen in the business. But today the ride is…

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Yachts France: Jefe

Yachts France: GMT – The Passion for Wood

After a long career as an offshore pilot in the U.S., Jerry Gilbreath was finally able to realize the dream of his life by creating his own boat. In fact, the idea came while Jerry was in a villa on Lake Como. He was immediately dazzled by the passage of Riva. Then he decided to…

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Robb Report: Jefe

Robb Report: Jefe, Gentleman Racer

Jerry Gilbreath made a career out of designing, building, and racing speedboats that were faster than some supercars. By the time he retired from racing five years ago, the powerboat pilot had notched more than 25 speed records and nine world championships in a span of four decades. So even in retirement, Gilbreath would seem…

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Sport Boat Magazine - Wooden Wonder

Sport Boat Magazine: Wooden Wonder

Assuming that fast boats have been an integral part of your life since you were a preteen, you might wonder what kind of boat you’d want to own when you’re an adult. If you’re like Jerry Gilbreath of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, that answer came in the form of an incredible wooden masterpiece of design, craftsmanship,…

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